10+ React and Node.js Developer Resume Samples

10+ React and Node.js Developer Resume Samples

Web and App Development with NodeJS + React 

To understand why NodeJS with React is widely-used, we need to understand the foundational language of both – Javascript. Javascript is the most popular and widely used web programming language. It is best known for its versatility and cross-platform and device compatibility. Javascript is the backbone for high-performing and versatile web applications. And using NodeJS with React ensures that any developed application is automatically compatible with the Javascript environment.

NodeJS is among the most popular Javascript-based frameworks available. It is a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment and built-in to the JavascriptEngine of Google Chrome browsers. It supports an event-driven and asynchronous processing model for a lighter and more efficient user experience. NodeJs is also supported by an expansive javascript library that can be used to build numerous scalable network and server-side applications.

Why Use React and NodeJS for Web Development?

Javascript becomes the primary language of the entire web development tool stack with both React and NodeJS having a Javascript foundation for its foundation. And this then leads to several benefits:

  • Minimizes code duplication between browser and server-side
  • Simplify and streamline development processes
  • Seamless integration of frontend and backend processes
  • Reduced development turnaround time

The use of NodeJS with React for a full stack web development project enables the developers to build reusable UI elements and components for the project. React is a great Javascript-based framework for frontend web development. React, by itself, is already capable of developing a better-performing frontend for web apps. With NodeJS, web development with React will streamline and make processing data and information more efficient. Web development with React and NodeJS has the infrastructure to support large and scalable applications, as well as readability and usability cross-platforms.

NodeJS and React Skills

If you were looking for a react.js and node.js developer for hire, there are several skills and capabilities you can look for in a resume Node React JS candidates. More details can be referenced from numerous Node and React JS engineer CV examples.

  • Skills and experience in Javascript frontend and/or backend development and respective development tools
  • Web design and development using ReactJS frontend and NodeJS frameworks and libraries are required
  • Understanding and working knowledge of Restful APIs and React-Redux is an advantage.
  • Skills and experience in using relational database models and database management tools and languages (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Express, MongoDB)
  • Working understanding of UX/UI design and development
  • A certified React programmer is highly appreciated but is not entirely required.

React JS and Node.js Developer Resume Example

react js and node.js developer resume

10 React JS and Node.js Developer Resume Samples

#1. Junior ReactJS Developer Sample Resume

junior reactjs developer sample resume

Source: toptal.com

Above is a basic ReactJS/NodeJS Developer sample resume outline of responsibilities and skills. Despite being an overly entry-level outline, this junior ReactJS developer sample resume shows the breadth of skills and knowledge that React + Node developers need for their job.

#2. Senior Node.js Developer Resume Example

senior node.js developer resume

Source: velvetjobs.com

Above is a sample NodeJS developer resume, with ReactJS development skills for at least 1 year. Senior development positions require skills and experience in even more expansive development technologies and languages. 

#3. Full Stack Developer Node JS and React JS Resume Example

full stack developer node js and react js resume example

Source: qwikresume.com

A full stack developer Node JS and React JS resume example shows that developers need to have skills in both frontend ReactJS development and NodeJS backend development. Working knowledge of APIs and microservices design and implementation are also appreciated.

#4. ReactJS with Node JS Resume Format

reactjs with node js resume format example

Source: livecareer.com

A React JS and Node.js developer resume sample will show that react programmers also need skills and experience in using other development tools (RESTful API, React-Redux, Node, Express) to fully utilize the Node + React environment.

#5. NodeJS/ReactJS Developer CV Example

nodejs reactjs developer resume sample

Source: mintresume.com

#6. Senior Node.JS Developer Resume Example

senior node.js developer resume example

Source: mintresume.com

#7. Frontend Developer Resume Node React JS Example

frontend developer resume node react js example

Source: qwikresume.com

#8. Senior Front End Programmer CV Example

senior front end programmer cv example

Source: qwikresume.com

#9. Junior Full Stack Developer Node JS and React JS Resume Sample

junior full stack developer node js and react js resume sample

Source: qwikresume.com

#10. Sample of a Resume for Node React JS Coder

sample of a resume for node react js coder

Source: velvetjobs.com

Top Countries with React.js and Node.js Developer for Hire

There are nearly 30 million software developers worldwide and will continue to grow in the following years. To hire a React.js and Node.js developer for hire can be complicated beyond reviewing numerous Node and React JS engineer cv formats and submissions. IT also includes balancing recruitment cost, quality, and developer experience. Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine, offer a balance between manageable developer costs with highly experienced expert ReactJS and NodeJS developer team services.

Contact us for your ReactJS and NodeJS developer needs! We will help you find the best fit developer!

10+ Angular and React JS Resume Samples

10+ Angular and React JS Resume Samples

React and Angular: The Real Score

ReactJS and Angular, both Javascript-based frameworks, are among the top 3 top web frameworks used by developers. ReactJS is a popular open-source web framework for developing dynamic and responsive user interfaces. ReactJS is a Javascript-based framework that is more manageable to learn with its simple and straightforward syntax and structure.

Angular, on the other hand, is a comprehensive and full (MVC) Model-View-Controller web framework used to build dynamic web components. The web framework uses both Javascript and HTML to power its tools and libraries. Its full MVC architecture also requires a higher learning curve for developers.





Will require combining different components and external libraries to provide a complete web development environment.

Provides an expansive library of options and features that makes starting a web development more efficient.


  • One-way approach
  • Manages user-defined frontend singular behavior
  • Two-way approach
  • Connects event-driven user input directly to backend model data


  • Open-source framework
  • Will require the use of Flux or Redux to oversee data processing in the backend.
  • Fully-features MVC framework
  • Has a comprehensive library of tools and features to support full-stack development


  • Creates own Virtual DOM
  • Ease of website navigation
  • Faster and more fluid user experience
  • Reduced loading times
  • Improved and streamlined data and information communication
  • Capable of handling more complex and dynamic behavior


ReactJS projects and tools are highly testable and scalable.

With the use of its CLI and intuitive design tools, Angular projects are easily scalable.

Do Dedicated Developers Need to Learn Both?

As a developer, do you have to learn both? Or can you just stick with only one?

It will depend on your project and professional needs. If your project does not lend enough time to learning a new framework as comprehensive as AngularJS, maybe sticking with ReactJS will be most beneficial. Learning new programming languages and web development frameworks are definitely an advantage and build your developer skills and experience. Weigh the requirements of the project against the features and functionalities of the web framework you use. Go with the best possible compromise.

Also, you can always learn both when you have the opportunity. If you review various AngularJS with ReactJS resume examples, there will be several crossover skills in Angular and ReactJS. Having both expands your web development skills and potential job compatibility and may affect React Angular developer salary and programmer rates. 

Angular and React JS Resume Example

To find React.js contract remote, it is best to have a clear understanding of the expertise that you will need for your project. An AngularJS and React JS resume is not too different from a React js and node.js developer resume. Both focus on frontend and/or full-stack web development skills and experience.

angular and react js resume

To better understand what you need to learn or have skills in, it will help to review angular react resume example and CV samples. There are many ways Angular and ReactJS can fit into your developer resume. Web Developers tend to have various web development programming languages and tools in their toolbox, like having React JS in Angular 2 resume format.

10 Angular and React JS Resume Samples

Below are sample resumes for angular/react developer and programmer that you can review or reference when looking to hire angular/react developer expertise for your web development project.

#1. Senior Developer – Angular React Resume Example

angular react resume example

Source: qwikresume.com

Above is a sample of an Angular React resume for a senior frontend application developer.

#2. AngularJS with React JS CV Outline

angularjs with react js cv outline

Source: qwikresume.com

An example of frontend developer AngularJS with React JS CV outline. Also includes the use of Grunt, NPM, and Bower as task management tools.

#3. AngularJS Developer Resume Sample

angularjs developer resume example

Source: velvetjobs.com

Above is a simple AngularJS Developer resume that can be used as a foundation for AngularJS with ReactJS CV outline.

#4. Sample IT Specialist Frontend Developer Resume

sample it specialist frontend developer resume

Source: mintresume.com

IT specialist jobs can also cover frontend development and will require frontend development skills and experience.

#5. Frontend Web Developer Resume Example

frontend web developer resume example

Source: myresumeseed.com

A frontend web developer resume will require extensive web development – frontend, backend, or full stack – experience and skills.

#6. React Developer Resume Sample

great react developer cv example

Source: fullstackresume.com

A full-stack developer requires experience with sufficient frontend (ReactJS and AngularJS) and backend development tools and skills.

#7. React JS in Angular 2 Resume Format – Senior Fullstack/AngularJS Developer

senior fullstackangularjs developer cv sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

Lengthy experience in web application development tools, especially tools like AngularJS and ReactJS, is necessary for Full stack development jobs.

#8. Software Engineer Resume Example

software engineer resume example

Source: enhancv.com

Software Engineer jobs can also cover full-stack, frontend, or backend development skills and experience.

#9. Frontend AngularJS Developer CV Example

frontend angularjs developer cv example

Source: livecareer.com

Extensive skills and understanding of the various versions and structures of Angular expands your AngularJS Developer resume.

#10. Frontend AngularJS Developer Resume Example

frontend angularjs developer resume example

Source: velvetjobs.com

Frontend Angular JS developer resume example also covers other necessary frontend development tools.

If you are looking to hire Angular/React developer expertise, you can review several AngularJS with ReactJS resume examples to better identify your developer needs!

10+ React and .NET Developer Resume Samples

10+ React and .NET Developer Resume Samples

React + ASP.NET: Why They Are Great Together

Frontend frameworks like ReactJS and Asp.NET enable such an enhanced web application experience. ReactJS is an open-source Javascript-based front-end framework that provides a comprehensive library of tools geared towards enhanced UI and user experience. Frontend frameworks like ReactJS have enabled SPAs to be as responsive, dynamic, and efficient web spaces for users.

Asp.NET has the infrastructure and development environment that can support the dynamic ReactJS components. .NET is an open-source platform equipped with comprehensive tools to develop cross-platform diverse tools for various devices. .NET is capable of supporting the development of major software development needs like Cloud, Mobile, Web, and services. It is also fast and compatible with other modern platforms, frameworks, and programming languages.

Interview Questions on React JS Recruitment

There are several interview questions that need to be considered in ReactJS recruitment. Having prepped questions will help better gauge the skills and experience of a potential recruit. Below are example interview questions on React JS that will help you recruit a highly-skilled ReactJS developer:

  • What is React?
  • What features and functions do React offer?
  • What are the pros and cons of using ReactJS?
  • How does Virtual DOM work?
  • Differentiate the stateful and stateless components.
  • What is an “event” in a React project?
  • Why use React with Redux?

React and .Net Developer Resume Sample

Below is .NET developer with React JS sample resume outline you can use as a reference when you look to hire a ReactJS and .NET developer for your project.

react and .net developer resume sample

React and .NET Developer Resume and CV Samples

#1. Sr. Software Engineer – React .NET Resume

senior software engineer with react and .net resume sample

Source: fullstackresume.com

A senior software engineer would have skills and experience for frontend, backend, and/or full-stack development, including React JS experience .NET resume content. 

#2. React and .NET Developer CV

react and .net developer cv sample

Source: fullstackresume.com

React and .NET developer resume would have skills and experience in both frontend and backend technologies, at least ReactJS and .NET respectively. 

#3. React JS Roles And Responsibilities Dot NET Resume

react js roles and responsibilities dot net resume

Source: toptal.com

There are certain roles that ReactJS and .NET developers need to be aware of, and should be included in any React JS .NET resume format. This will also make ReactJS and .NET developer recruitment easier.

#4. ASP.NET React JS CV Formats – Senior .NET Developer/Analyst

asp.net react js cv formats

Source: velvetjobs.com

A senior .NET developer is expected to have experience and skills for both ASP.NET and ReactJS.

#5. React JS in .NET CV – .NET Developer Resume

react js in .net cv example

Source: velvetjobs.com

.NET, ReactJS, and AngularJs have a wide array of applications, including Coldfusion for private and public sector jobs.

#6. ReactJS .NET Developer CV

reactjs .net developer cv

Source: qwikresume.com

Junior frontend developers can have experience and skills in backend technologies like ASP.NET.

#7. Senior Frontend/UI Developer Resume

sr. frontend ui developer resume example

Source: qwikresume.com

Senior frontend/UI developer resumes typically cover extensive skills and experience in frontend development, including some skills and experience in backend tools and processing.

#8. Associate Frontend UI Developer – Angular and React JS Resume

associate frontend ui developer cv sample

Source: qwikresume.com

An associate frontend developer would also cover Angular and ReactJS skills and experience.

#9. Junior Frontend/UI Developer – .NET, Angular and React JS Resume

junior frontend ui developer cv sample

Source: qwikresume.com

A junior frontend UI developer resume as well as Angular and React JS resume will not only have the capacity for frontend development but also knowledge and some capacity for backend development with tools like .NET and Angular.

#10. Senior ASP.NET Developer Resume

senior asp.net developer resume sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

A senior Asp.NET developer resume would have extensive .NET development skills and experience, but will also have expanded to using other web development tools, like React and Angular.

Top Countries to Hire Remote ReactJS Developers

With around 30 million software developers worldwide, a number that will surely continue to grow in the next few years, looking to hire remote reactJS developers can be daunting. To hire remote ReactJS developers, one can always start with researching and reviewing .net developer react js resume sample and CVs. Recruitment will also require a keen sense and skills for balancing selection criteria, recruitment cost, and developer skills and experience. 

Countries from Eastern Europe have found a niche for IT development services. Ukraine, for example, is a hub for high-quality global IT services providers with numerous clients and partners all over the world. Such a company is capable of offering manageable costs and the service of expert ReactJS and Asp.NET developer team services.

Know the developer skills to look out for when you hire for your React project! Contact us for more CVs of dedicated React JS coders.

10+ Samples of UI Developer Resume with React JS

10+ Samples of UI Developer Resume with React JS

The demand for user interface (UI) developers is consistently high due to the increasing demand for innovative contemporary web designs with state-of-the-art responsive features in the increasing number of websites and web applications. According to the StackOverflow information, UI front-end developers’ job is one of the satisfied job profiles, and React JS is the second most popular front-end web development framework preceded by the .Net framework.

Let’s explore the industries and projects where the demand for a React JS UI developer resume is very high and also mention the major components of UI on ReactJS resumes that make it a great one. And also have a look at 10 resume front end React UI samples in this article. You also may check great React and .NET developer resume samples.

What Industries Do Hire ReactJS UI Developer Professionals?

According to the SimilarTech information, more than 1,077,677 websites use React JS for their user interface (UI) development and this number is growing significantly. Almost all types of industries and businesses search for a junior as well as a senior UI developer React JS and Angular JS to use the powerful features and capabilities of ReactJS for front-end development; a few of them are listed below:

  • Social media
  • Entertainment industry
  • Multimedia
  • News and information industry
  • Basic cloud-based services
  • Education and training

The major projects and services that are using ReactJS UI and are looking for a senior or a junior UI developer React CV include:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • New York Times
  • Khan Academy
  • GitHub Repository
  • And many more

What Are ReactJS UI Developer Roles and Responsibilities?

What skills to look for in candidate to recruit for React JS role to perform the expected responsibilities perfectly? Updated skills related to React JS and its allied tools with sufficient experience is very important to perform the responsibilities of a ReactJS developer, as mentioned below.

  • Design and develop user interfaces in line with modern design trends
  • Understanding and assessing the needs of clients for web interface features
  • Developing responsive, interactive, and secure user interfaces
  • Replacing the old features with the new ones powered by ReactJS on web apps
  • Coding, debugging, testing, commissioning, and performance monitoring of the web apps
  • Developing reusable components and functional libraries for future use
  • Enhancing and updating the features of ReactJS-powered web environment

UI Developer Resume with React JS Sample

ui developer resume with react js

10 UI Developer with ReactJS Resume Format Samples

#1. React JS UI Developer Resume Example

react js ui developer resume

Source: upgrad.com

This is a simple sample for a UI developer with React JS skills. The sample shows work experience with a couple of companies too.

#2. React JS UI Developer CV Sample

resume example of ui developer with react redux

Source: resumekraft.com

It is a good sample of the resume of a developer with 2 to 3 years of experience and knowledge of React JS library. The candidate has also achieved a few certifications.

#3. Front End Developer with Experience in UI and React JS CV Sample

junior ui developer react cv

Source: dev.to

This is a sample of a front-end developer resume. The candidate has sufficient skills in React JS and related technologies for creating professional-level user interfaces for web applications.

#4. React Coder Resume Sample

react coder resume example

Source: fullstackresume.com

This sample of CV shows a front-end web developer with React JS skills. The candidate has over 5 years of experience in different roles related to frontend development.

#5. Front End Developer CV Sample

front end developer resume sample

Source: resume.com

A great sample of an experienced front-end user interface developer with strong skills in React JS library and allied tools. The experience of the candidate in this sample resume is over 10 years.

#6. JavaScript Developer Resume Sample

javascript developer resume sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

This is a sample of a resume with over 5 years of experience in working with different front-end web interface development projects. The candidate has strong ReactJS UI skills.

#7. Senior Front End UI Developer Resume Example

front end ui developer resume sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

This is a great sample of a resume with over 4 years of experience in different roles of front-end development. The candidate has strong knowledge and expertise in different levels of user interface UI development.

#8. Senior Front End UI Developer Resume Example

front end ui programmer resume sample

Source: qwikresume.com

This resume sample shows the skills, experience, and education of a senior-level front end user interface UI developer with powerful skills in React JS UI.

#9. Front End Engineer CV Sample

front end engineer resume sample

Source: reddit.com

A good sample of the resume of a senior front-end UI developer with skills in ReactJS as well as AngularJS platforms.

#10. Front End Coder with React JS CV Example

front end developer with react js ui resume sample

Source: wozber.com

This is a good sample of a front-end UI developer with over 2 years of experience in developing different UI interfaces with React JS library.

Comparison of React JS UI Developer Salaries in Different Countries

The salaries of React JS developers vary significantly in different countries due to numerous factors based on numerous indicators of the life and economy of that particular country. The types of resumes such as ReactJS mobile UI resume, React, and .NET developer resume, and other types also play a major role in determining the salaries of a UI React JS developer. The comparison of React JS UI developers in different countries is given in the following table.

Name of CountryAverage Salary UI Developer with React JS Skills
Ukraine$30,00-$42,000 (based on our research over a few local jobs portals)

In the above table, the salary of ReactJS UI developers in the USA is the highest followed by Switzerland, Canada, France, and Denmark. The salaries in Australia and Germany are comparatively lower than in the other major countries.

If you are looking for highly professional React UI resume samples, get in touch to request more React UI coder CVs to find the best match for your needs now!

10+ React Redux Resume Samples

10+ React Redux Resume Samples

A React/Redux resume is like a Swedish army knife in the marketplace due to the increasing popularity of React JS and Redux JavaScript libraries. Substantial demand for developers with React JS and Redux JS skills has emerged in the marketplace across the world. The combination of React and Redux in the front-end development of highly complex single-page applications SPAs offers numerous benefits, which attract employers to search for a qualified UI developer resume with React JS skills.

Let’s have a look at a few frequently asked questions, skills, education, qualification, and samples of Redux React developer resume outline in this article.

FAQs About Redux Development

Question: Is there any demand for Redux developers these days?

Answer: In short, yes. Redux is extensively used in complex applications for the purpose of state management and predictable logic of the application. Numerous big companies like Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and many others support the extensive use of Redux JS in their respective SPAs. There are over 34,435 websites powered by Redux and counting.

Question: What exactly can Redux coders take on to move projects closer to success?

Answer: Redux coders can use the Redux JavaScript library as a predictable container of the states in complex web applications for the management of user interface state dynamically through a containerized approach. Thus, the applications behave and respond consistently across all domains of the web application such as native environment, server-side, and client-side. A senior React Redux engineer SaaS is capable of steering the projects to success by using the features of Redux library more effectively.    

Question: What projects and industries do Redux programmers are used good for?

Answer: Almost all major industries with highly responsive, dynamic, and interactive web applications use the React Redux developer responsibilities and skills to make their applications more consistent. A few examples include social media, education, entertainment, multimedia, marketing, and other domains of businesses.

10+ React/Redux JS CV Examples

#1. Redux Resume Sample

redux resume sample

#2. React Redux Sample Resume

redux developer cv example

Source: mobilunity.com

A great sample of a React Redux developer resume with great Redux and React skills that any employer would like to hire remote ReactJS developer for completing the web application project smoothly and successfully.

#3. UI Developer + ReactJS and Redux Resume Example

ui developer + reactjs and redux cv formats

Source: livecareer.com

A great React and Redux experience in UI resume format is shown in this sample resume. You can see a good combination of React and Redux library experience in this resume.

#4. React Redux Developer Resume Example

react redux developer cv sample

Source: medium.com

This image shows an expert React and Redux with Angular 4 resume example. The developer has also a good command and experience over JavaScript and other multipurpose computer programming languages.

#5. Resume Sample of Front End Developer with Redux

frontend developer with redux cv sample

Source: qwikresume.com

A good example of a resume of a front-end developer with command over React and Redux platforms. The sample is a good piece showing reasonable work experience with a couple of good companies and in diverse projects.

#6. Front End Coder with Redux CV Sample

frontend developer with redux cv sample

Source: dev.to

This is one of the attractive UI developer + ReactJS and Redux CV formats. This sample shows more than 3 years of experience as a front-end developer working experience with React/Redux technologies and allied tools.

#7. React JS Developer with Redux Resume Example

react js developer wirh redux skills resume sample

Source: slideshare.net

This is a sample of a software developer resume with skills in front-end technologies like JavaScript, React JS and Redux JS libraries. The developer has experience of two years with different companies.

#8. Senior React Developer with Redux CV Sample

senior react developer with redux resume sample

Source: livecareer.com

The above sample resume shows the skills, qualifications, and work experience of a senior-level React JS developer with expertise in Redux and Redux-Saga platforms. The developer has also experience of over 5 years with different companies.

#9. Front End Coder with Redux Resume Sample

front end coder redux resume sample

Source: beamjobs.com

A good sample of resume with experience of about two years in React and Redux-based development. The latest skills such as D3 JS, Redux JS, and others are also highlighted in this sample resume.

#10. CV Sample of a UI Developer with React Redux

resume example of ui developer with react redux

Source: resumekraft.com

This sample resume of a web developer with strong skills in React JS and Redux JS libraries. All major projects completed by the developer are expressed very clearly in this CV.

#11. Resume Sample of a UI Developer with React and Redux

ui developer with react redux cv sample

Source: mintresume.com

This resume sample showcases a highly experienced user interface developer with vast experience with multiple companies while working on complex projects of wide diversity. The developer has command over a wide range of skills including React JS, Redux JS, and other front-end technologies.

How Can We Scale-Up Your Team with Redux Programmers for Hire?

If you are looking for the enhancement of your existing team of web development with highly skilled professionals and developers, and you doubt about finding the right candidate that is 100% fit for your business requirements, we can help you scale up your team professionally.

We have a wide range of React JS and Redux developers’ resumes in our database to choose one of the best ones from. We hire Redux developer for you in such a way that it is highly suitable for your business requirements. We offer you:

  • A fully managed service from searching to onboarding React and Redux developers for your team
  • Access to a large pool of expert and qualified React/Redux JS developers
  • Highly competitive prices for hiring the right professionals
  • High level of quality and reliability of service
  • Powerful hiring and remote working infrastructure
  • Multiple models for hiring the right developer for the right job
  • And much more

If you want to scale up your software development team with qualified professional Redux developers, get in touch with us to get professional Redux resumes now!

10+ React JS Java Resume Samples

10+ React JS Java Resume Samples

The demand for full-stack developers is increasing very fast in all regions of the world. According to the ZeeBiz report, as much as 20% of growth in the demand for full-stack developers was noticed. In this growth, the shares of JavaScript, Java, and React JS developers are substantially high. The combination of Java and React makes a great Java React Developer CV example for hire in the market.

Let’s talk about the major skills, qualifications, and benefits of React skills in Java programming and also scrutinize 10 React.js and Java backend resume formats in this article.

What Is a Java React Developer?

A Java React developer is one of the most popular roles in demand presently. It is a type of full-stack role powered by Java and React JS. A sample resume software developer Java and ReactJS UI clearly specifies this heavily sought role in the market. A good Java React developer should have certain soft and technical skills, qualifications, and educational qualifications in his resume with core Java and ReactJS expertise, as mentioned below.

Java React Dev Technical and Soft Skills

A professionally impressive Java, React, and Redux resume should include the following technical and soft skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of Java, JavaScript, React JS, Node JS, HTML, CSS3
  • Command over Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu
  • Strong knowledge of MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Knowledge of web development, SDLC, Scrum, Agile, CD/CI, Continuous testing
  • Strong knowledge of web server IIS, Apache Tomcat, Cherokee, Nginx web, GWS
  • Project management, team management, time management, effective communication
  • Team player, listener, motivator, leadership, collaborative, professional commitment

Java React Coder Roles and Responsibilities

The major points on React JS in Java resume regarding role and responsibilities should include the following.

  • Understanding the customer’s end-to-end requirements for a web solution
  • Designing a web solution based on customer needs
  • Developing core application logic and APIs for facilitating the front-end interfaces
  • Developing database and integrating with the front-end interface
  • Defining the technological resources smoothly and efficiently for interfaces’ use
  • Working with the independent and cloud-based servers
  • Coding, testing, debugging, and integrating the entire application at the server-side 
  • Developing a security mechanism and hacking prevention schemes
  • Working with cloud computing service providers and web hosting providers
  • Deploying and troubleshooting the end-to-end web application
  • Monitoring the performance and quality of service of web application
  • Coordinating with the cross-functional team of testers, front-end developers, and engineers
  • Developing UI/UX design at the front-end powered by React JS platform
  • Working with the Flux and Redux workflows powered by React JS library
  • Working with Git, GitHub, version control, and other source trees
  • Adding new interfaces and features through ReactJS-powered front-end development

React Dev Basic Education

The basic education for a mid-level Java full stack with Node JS React JS resume format should include at least:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering
  • Certification in Java and React JS platform

React JS Java Resume Sample

react js java resume example

10 Java Developer with React JS CV Examples

10 useful examples of Java React JS developer resumes are given below.

#1. Senior Java Developer CV Sample

java react developer cv example

Source: mintresume.com

This sample of resume shows the developer with Java and React JS experience in comprehensive web application development.

#2. Full Stack JavaScript Developer CV Example

java developer with react js cv example

Source: hiration.com

This CV shows the skills, experience, and education of a senior full stack JavaScript developer with proficiency in React JS.

#3. CV of a Full Stack Developer Specializing in ReactJS 

full stack developer with react js skills cv example

Source: slideshare.net

An experienced role of a full-stack developer with experience in multiple companies and salient accomplishments made by the developer are shown in the above sample of resume.

#4. Full Stack Developer with React JS CV Format

full stack developer with react js cv sample

Source: resumegenius.com

This sample shows the resume of a full-stack developer with experience in 3 roles and a comprehensive skills portfolio.

#5. Senior Programmer with React JS CV Format

senior programmer with react cv sample

Source: beamjobs.com

The above CV sample is a great example of a Java back-end developer who turned into a full-stack developer by using React JS effectively. This sample CV provides you with the details required to hire a full-stack Java and React JS developer.

#6. Sample of a Resume with Core Java and ReactJS

resume with core java and reactjs

Source: medium.com

This sample of CV is a good example of a full-stack developer with diverse experience and portfolios. The skill of the developer makes it a perfect choice for Java-based full-stack development.

#7. React JS UI Developer Resume Sample with Java Skills

sample resume software developer java and reactjs ui

Source: livecareer.com

This is a great sample resume that shows expertise in UI/UX designing and development with a strong grip on the back-end technologies like Java, C++, and others.

#8. Senior ReactJS Developer CV Format

react.js and java backend resume formats

Source: livecareer.com

This sample resume has a diverse skill set consisting of back-end as well as front-end technologies. The candidate has also diverse experience in handling ReactJS based UI development.

#9. Full Stack Programmer Resume Sample with ReactJS and Java Skills

full stack developer resume with react js and java skills

Source: enhancv.com

A good sample CV of a freelancer full-stack developer with wide skills in both front-end and back-end development.

#10. Frontend Engineer with React and Java 8 Skills CV Format

fronend engineer with react and java 8 skills cv format

Source: enhancv.com

This is a good sample of a senior front-end developer with strong skills related to back-end development such as Java and others.

How Your Company Can Benefit by Extending a Team with React JS Java Developers

Due to many great reasons, the trend of hiring the role of cross-functional capabilities like full-stack developers is increasing continuously. From senior to junior Java React developer resume outline has changed significantly. The pattern of React Redux interview questions has also changed accordingly.

Numerous companies achieve the following benefits by augmenting their respective software development teams with Java React developers:

  • Improved the efficiency of end-to-end web solution
  • Increased cooperation and collaboration among the cross-functional team
  • More effective and comprehensive web solution
  • Reduced development cost
  • Easy to troubleshoot the problems
  • Comprehensive debugging and test coverage
  • Better productivity of the team
  • Increased knowledge sharing
  • A better understanding of customer needs
  • Increased user experience
  • Faster turnaround time in terms of any service issues
  • Improved return on investment ROI
  • Better visibility into the processes and project

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10+ Senior React Developer Resume Samples

10+ Senior React Developer Resume Samples

Web developers are the fifth most demanded technical jobs in 2020, according to the latest research studies. The popularity of a senior JavaScript (as well as Java developers) software engineer resume with React JS skills has increased significantly in recent years. Moreover, the online search for a React engineer coder resume sample has also increased heavily.

Let’s explore major skills, roles, responsibilities, salaries, and numerous qualities of senior React.js resume examples to have a deeper perspective on this popular role in the field of web development.

What Is a Senior React JS Developer?

A senior React JS developer is the role that deals with the front-end web development powered by the React JS platform and its allied tools and technologies. React JS platform is a library based on JavaScript technology, which is the most dominant technology in web development. A professional React JS Java resume with suitable technical skills, experience, and education describes a senior React.js more effectively as mentioned below.

React Dev Technical Skills

Technical skills are the fundamental attributes to hire ReactJS developer for a senior position. A few major technical skills in senior React programmer CV examples should include:

  • React JS, TypeScript, JavaScript programming
  • HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Ajax, JSX
  • Backbone, jQuery, Node JS
  • Webpack, Apollo, Redux, Grunt
  • UI, UX, Restful API, Git  

React JS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

A senior React JS is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and deploying web applications or websites. In this role, he/she may accomplish the following activities.

  • Listening and understanding the customer requirements
  • Analyzing customer needs and designing a technical solution
  • Developing a layout of the application and UI/UX designing
  • Coding, testing, and implementing commits, builds, and updates in React JS environment
  • Developing and maintaining Git repository and establishing a great collaboration among the cross-functional development team
  • Dividing the task into small parts and engaging with the entire development team

React.js Coder Qualifications

The solid educational qualifications play a vital role in landing an attractive position in a senior JavaScript developer (React.js) CV outline. A good senior React JS developer should have the following qualifications.

  • Masters degree in computer science
  • Certification in React JS platform
  • More than 4 years of hands-on experience in web development
  • Web application designing training is also a desirable qualification

Senior React Developer CV Sample

senior react developer cv sample

10 Senior React Developer Resume Examples & Formats

Most of the senior JavaScript developer interview questions are asked in line with the qualifications, skills, and experience of the applicant. So, the CVs should include all the relevant experience and skills for a better impression and fruitful output.

#1. Senior React Developer Resume Example

professional react dev cv example

Source: mobilunity.com

This is a great example of JavaScript React team lead CV format, which covers all related aspects like qualifications, experience, skills, and academic education. 

#2. Senior Front End Developer Resume Sample (with React Skills)

front end developer react js resume example

Source: velvetjobs.com

This CV is a good sample of React JS coder with complete information. It describes the experience and skills separated into multiple sections for better visibility.

#3. Senior Front End React Developer Resume Example

front end react developer cv sample

Source: itguyresumes.com

On this sample of resume, you can see extensive work experience of a great programmer with a sizable number of technical skills.

#4. CV of a Senior Web Developer with Experience in React/Flux 

senior web developer resume with experience in react

Source: velvetjobs.com

In this format of the resume, the main focus is concentrated on the qualifications. The qualification section consists of both the skills and pieces of training. The work experience is also described in full detail.

#5. Resume Sample of  a Front End UI Developer with React JS Skills

front end ui developer resume sample

Source: qwikresume.com

The summary and highlights are the major points of this CV. The highlights include experience and skills with exceptional achievements. This is another good format of CV with a simple outlook.

#6. CV Example of JavaScript Advocate for JS Frameworks

resume sample of javascript advocate for react js

Source: cakeresume.com

In this format of a resume, the experience of the candidate is emphasized while the skills have been merged with the past projects in the section of the summary. The outlook design is simple and clean.

#7. Frontend Programmer with React.js Skills Resume Sample

front end coder resume example

Source: resumeviking.com

This CV example shows the effective use of portfolios, experience, and skills in the top sections. The details of the experience have been described explicitly.

#8. Senior React Programmer CV Sample

senior react programmer cv example

Source: livecareer.com

The description of skills is very impressive with full details in this format of CV. The work history has been divided into multiple roles for a clear overview of the past work experience.

#9. Senior Front End Coder Resume Example

senior front end coder resume example

Source: resume.com

The technical skills of the candidate are described separately in terms of the domains of software development. The work experience is also described separately and clearly.

#10. CV Sample of a Senior Web Developer with React Skills

senior web developer with react skills cv format

Source: reddit.com

This is one of the precise forms of CVs for an experienced developer. The main concentration is focused on skills and experience. The professional summary provides an overview of the candidate.

Average Salary of a Senior React Developer in Different Countries

The salary of a senior React JS developer (as well as Java developers or any other software engineer) varies in different countries due to numerous factors such as demand, type of economy, living cost, availability of React JS developers in the marketplace. To have a comparative look at the varied salaries of senior React developers in different countries are mentioned below:

  • USA – $110,088
  • Canada – $82,131
  • France – $71,498
  • Germany – $78,320
  • Denmark – $97,980
  • Ukraine – from $48,000 up to $60,000 (based on our research over a few local job portals)

USA and Denmark are the top two countries where the average salary for a senior React JS developer is very high. The salary in France is lower than in Germany and Canada, which are two other countries with higher salaries for senior React JS developers.

If you are looking for samples of ReactJS developers’ resumes, request for more CVs of Senior React JS developers to find the most suitable one for your project now!

10+ Junior ReactJS Developer Resume Samples

10+ Junior ReactJS Developer Resume Samples

The demand for React JS developers has increased in recent years due to an uptrend of this platform in developers. According to the StackOverflow survey 2020, React JS is the second loved language in the world. As we know, the React JS platform has become popular in recent years, so the majority of the developers are in entry, junior and mid-level careers. Finding a senior React developer CV is more challenging; so, the demand for a remote junior React developer is comparatively high.

Let’s have a look at the top skills for an entry-level React developer CV outline and skills and also talk about the React JS sample beginner CV formats commonly used in the human resource hiring marketplace.

What Are the Typical Skills of Entry-Level React Devs?

Junior React.js engineer for hire is in great demand nowadays due to the scarcity of web developers with React JS skill set. A junior ReactJS developer sample resume should have the following skills to land a great job in the market.

  • Strong knowledge of basic web technologies such as HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and others
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript, React JS, jQuery, Angular, Vue JS, and other languages
  • Knowledge of database platforms such as MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Firebase, Redis, SQLite, and others
  • Working knowledge of Linux, Windows, Docker, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other platforms
  • Knowledge of software development, basic testing, and agile development methodology
  • Knowledge of important web development tools such as Reactide, React Site, Code Sandbox, Storybook, Bit, and others

Junior React JS CV Sample

react junior developer cv example

10 React Junior Developer CV Examples

Given the existing web development market, hiring managers are getting more specific for entry level React developer interview questions and formats of developers’ CVs. A junior React developer resume format plays a vital role for the job seekers in getting hired for an attractive salary.

Let’s have a look at 10 very attractive samples of React JS Junior developer CV formats in the following images.

#1. Junior React Developer CV Sample

junior react js coder resume sample

Source: mobilunity.com

The above-given image of the junior React JS developer resume looks highly professional that is compact and pointed. The hiring managers are normally concerned with the skills, experience, and education of the developer, which all are covered properly in this sample.

#2. React Coder Resume Example

react junior developer cv sample

Source: livecareer.com

The above image shows another good format of a junior React JS developer CV, which describes a professional summary for a fast overview of the entire content of the CV.

#3. Full Stack Developer with React JS Skills CV Sample

react js sample begineer cv sample

Source: reddit.com

In the above CV, the skills of a junior React JS developer are specified quite attractively. The work experience and education are also defined with full details.

#4. Fronted Coder Resume Sample (with React.js Skills)

react junior developer cv example

Source: dev.to

Check the above sample of a junior React web developer who has knowledge of React JS and other related technology with a reasonable experience.

#5. CV Sample of Software Engineer with Skills in JS and Redux

software engineer with javascript and redux skills

Source: cakeresume.com

Introduction, experience, and education, key skills are the top things to look for in the above-given CV format. It is a simple and attractive form too.

#6. CV Sample of UI Developer with React Skills

ui developer with react cv sample
Source: enhancv.com

Have a look at the above sample of entry level developer CV React JS and Javascript skills.

#7. Full Stack Programmer with React Skills CV Example

full stack programmer with react js skills cv sample

Source: kickresume.com

The above sample of resume is of front end developer with React JS skills, who has a couple of years of solid experience in front-end web programming.

#8. Junior Web Developer with React Skills CV Sample

junior web developer with react skills cv example

Source: reddit.com

This sample of CV provides more details about the experience of the developer and also highlights the top skills for the instant notice of the hiring manager. It is a traditional format of CV extensively used in the past decade.

#9. Front End Programmer with React JS Skills CV Example

front end dev with react skills resume example

Source: resumeviking.com

Both technical skills and work experience are described clearly in this CV format. The profile provides a summary of the past career for the hiring manager’s notice.

#10. Junior JavaScript Developer CV Sample

javascript developer resume sample

Source: pinterest.com

Another form of a professional CV consisting of a career summary at the top. Qualifications, skills, accomplishments, and work experience are described with a full explanation in this CV.

Average Salary of a Junior React Developer in Different Countries

The React programmer salary entry level varies from country to country, city to city, and region to region. The demand for front end developer React Junior resume in a particular market also impacts the salaries significantly. Let’s have a look at the salaries of junior React developers in a few important countries:

  • USA – $94,939
  • Canada – $80,000
  • Switzerland – $105,947
  • Germany – $50,877
  • Ukraine – $30,800 (based on our research over a few local job portals)

Switzerland is the highest paying country for a junior-level React JS developer followed by the USA, Canada, and Germany. Ukraine offers the most competitive prices against all other major countries in the table. Ukraine has become a new hub for the top clients across the globe to find JavaScript developers for high-quality web development at very affordable prices. Other than competitive prices, Ukraine offers highly skilled web developers specialized in React JS platforms that can complete your project on-time with a great level of success.

Switzerland is the highest paying country for a junior-level React JS developer followed by the USA, Canada, and Germany. Ukraine offers the most competitive prices against all other major countries in the table. Ukraine has become a new hub for the top clients across the globe to find JavaScript developers for high-quality web development at very affordable prices. Other than competitive prices, Ukraine offers highly skilled web developers specialized in React JS platforms that can complete your project on-time with a great level of success.

How to Hire Junior React Programmers?

Hiring junior React JS programmers can be done in multiple ways. A few of those hiring methods are listed below:

  • Traditional on-premises hiring
  • Outsourcing
  • Outstaffing
  • Remote hiring

We can help you in searching and hiring highly skilled and qualified junior React JS developers remotely to dedicatedly work on your projects with full control of the resources.

If you are looking for qualified ReactJS developers, get in touch with us for a free consultation on finding and hiring the dedicated React.js coders now!