10+ React JS Java Resume Samples

The demand for full-stack developers is increasing very fast in all regions of the world. According to the ZeeBiz report, as much as 20% of growth in the demand for full-stack developers was noticed. In this growth, the shares of JavaScript, Java, and React JS developers are substantially high. The combination of Java and React makes a great Java React Developer CV example for hire in the market.

Let’s talk about the major skills, qualifications, and benefits of React skills in Java programming and also scrutinize 10 React.js and Java backend resume formats in this article.

What Is a Java React Developer?

A Java React developer is one of the most popular roles in demand presently. It is a type of full-stack role powered by Java and React JS. A sample resume software developer Java and ReactJS UI clearly specifies this heavily sought role in the market. A good Java React developer should have certain soft and technical skills, qualifications, and educational qualifications in his resume with core Java and ReactJS expertise, as mentioned below.

Java React Dev Technical and Soft Skills

A professionally impressive Java, React, and Redux resume should include the following technical and soft skills:

  • Extensive knowledge of Java, JavaScript, React JS, Node JS, HTML, CSS3
  • Command over Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, Ubuntu
  • Strong knowledge of MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Redis
  • Knowledge of web development, SDLC, Scrum, Agile, CD/CI, Continuous testing
  • Strong knowledge of web server IIS, Apache Tomcat, Cherokee, Nginx web, GWS
  • Project management, team management, time management, effective communication
  • Team player, listener, motivator, leadership, collaborative, professional commitment

Java React Coder Roles and Responsibilities

The major points on React JS in Java resume regarding role and responsibilities should include the following.

  • Understanding the customer’s end-to-end requirements for a web solution
  • Designing a web solution based on customer needs
  • Developing core application logic and APIs for facilitating the front-end interfaces
  • Developing database and integrating with the front-end interface
  • Defining the technological resources smoothly and efficiently for interfaces’ use
  • Working with the independent and cloud-based servers
  • Coding, testing, debugging, and integrating the entire application at the server-side 
  • Developing a security mechanism and hacking prevention schemes
  • Working with cloud computing service providers and web hosting providers
  • Deploying and troubleshooting the end-to-end web application
  • Monitoring the performance and quality of service of web application
  • Coordinating with the cross-functional team of testers, front-end developers, and engineers
  • Developing UI/UX design at the front-end powered by React JS platform
  • Working with the Flux and Redux workflows powered by React JS library
  • Working with Git, GitHub, version control, and other source trees
  • Adding new interfaces and features through ReactJS-powered front-end development

React Dev Basic Education

The basic education for a mid-level Java full stack with Node JS React JS resume format should include at least:

  • Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering
  • Certification in Java and React JS platform

React JS Java Resume Sample

react js java resume example

10 Java Developer with React JS CV Examples

10 useful examples of Java React JS developer resumes are given below.

#1. Senior Java Developer CV Sample

java react developer cv example

Source: mintresume.com

This sample of resume shows the developer with Java and React JS experience in comprehensive web application development.

#2. Full Stack JavaScript Developer CV Example

java developer with react js cv example

Source: hiration.com

This CV shows the skills, experience, and education of a senior full stack JavaScript developer with proficiency in React JS.

#3. CV of a Full Stack Developer Specializing in ReactJS 

full stack developer with react js skills cv example

Source: slideshare.net

An experienced role of a full-stack developer with experience in multiple companies and salient accomplishments made by the developer are shown in the above sample of resume.

#4. Full Stack Developer with React JS CV Format

full stack developer with react js cv sample

Source: resumegenius.com

This sample shows the resume of a full-stack developer with experience in 3 roles and a comprehensive skills portfolio.

#5. Senior Programmer with React JS CV Format

senior programmer with react cv sample

Source: beamjobs.com

The above CV sample is a great example of a Java back-end developer who turned into a full-stack developer by using React JS effectively. This sample CV provides you with the details required to hire a full-stack Java and React JS developer.

#6. Sample of a Resume with Core Java and ReactJS

resume with core java and reactjs

Source: medium.com

This sample of CV is a good example of a full-stack developer with diverse experience and portfolios. The skill of the developer makes it a perfect choice for Java-based full-stack development.

#7. React JS UI Developer Resume Sample with Java Skills

sample resume software developer java and reactjs ui

Source: livecareer.com

This is a great sample resume that shows expertise in UI/UX designing and development with a strong grip on the back-end technologies like Java, C++, and others.

#8. Senior ReactJS Developer CV Format

react.js and java backend resume formats

Source: livecareer.com

This sample resume has a diverse skill set consisting of back-end as well as front-end technologies. The candidate has also diverse experience in handling ReactJS based UI development.

#9. Full Stack Programmer Resume Sample with ReactJS and Java Skills

full stack developer resume with react js and java skills

Source: enhancv.com

A good sample CV of a freelancer full-stack developer with wide skills in both front-end and back-end development.

#10. Frontend Engineer with React and Java 8 Skills CV Format

fronend engineer with react and java 8 skills cv format

Source: enhancv.com

This is a good sample of a senior front-end developer with strong skills related to back-end development such as Java and others.

How Your Company Can Benefit by Extending a Team with React JS Java Developers

Due to many great reasons, the trend of hiring the role of cross-functional capabilities like full-stack developers is increasing continuously. From senior to junior Java React developer resume outline has changed significantly. The pattern of React Redux interview questions has also changed accordingly.

Numerous companies achieve the following benefits by augmenting their respective software development teams with Java React developers:

  • Improved the efficiency of end-to-end web solution
  • Increased cooperation and collaboration among the cross-functional team
  • More effective and comprehensive web solution
  • Reduced development cost
  • Easy to troubleshoot the problems
  • Comprehensive debugging and test coverage
  • Better productivity of the team
  • Increased knowledge sharing
  • A better understanding of customer needs
  • Increased user experience
  • Faster turnaround time in terms of any service issues
  • Improved return on investment ROI
  • Better visibility into the processes and project

If you want to extend your development team with React Java developers, get in touch with us and request more CVs of professional React JS Java developers now!