10+ React Redux Resume Samples

A React/Redux resume is like a Swedish army knife in the marketplace due to the increasing popularity of React JS and Redux JavaScript libraries. Substantial demand for developers with React JS and Redux JS skills has emerged in the marketplace across the world. The combination of React and Redux in the front-end development of highly complex single-page applications SPAs offers numerous benefits, which attract employers to search for a qualified UI developer resume with React JS skills.

Let’s have a look at a few frequently asked questions, skills, education, qualification, and samples of Redux React developer resume outline in this article.

FAQs About Redux Development

Question: Is there any demand for Redux developers these days?

Answer: In short, yes. Redux is extensively used in complex applications for the purpose of state management and predictable logic of the application. Numerous big companies like Facebook, Netflix, Airbnb, and many others support the extensive use of Redux JS in their respective SPAs. There are over 34,435 websites powered by Redux and counting.

Question: What exactly can Redux coders take on to move projects closer to success?

Answer: Redux coders can use the Redux JavaScript library as a predictable container of the states in complex web applications for the management of user interface state dynamically through a containerized approach. Thus, the applications behave and respond consistently across all domains of the web application such as native environment, server-side, and client-side. A senior React Redux engineer SaaS is capable of steering the projects to success by using the features of Redux library more effectively.    

Question: What projects and industries do Redux programmers are used good for?

Answer: Almost all major industries with highly responsive, dynamic, and interactive web applications use the React Redux developer responsibilities and skills to make their applications more consistent. A few examples include social media, education, entertainment, multimedia, marketing, and other domains of businesses.

10+ React/Redux JS CV Examples

#1. Redux Resume Sample

redux resume sample

#2. React Redux Sample Resume

redux developer cv example

Source: mobilunity.com

A great sample of a React Redux developer resume with great Redux and React skills that any employer would like to hire remote ReactJS developer for completing the web application project smoothly and successfully.

#3. UI Developer + ReactJS and Redux Resume Example

ui developer + reactjs and redux cv formats

Source: livecareer.com

A great React and Redux experience in UI resume format is shown in this sample resume. You can see a good combination of React and Redux library experience in this resume.

#4. React Redux Developer Resume Example

react redux developer cv sample

Source: medium.com

This image shows an expert React and Redux with Angular 4 resume example. The developer has also a good command and experience over JavaScript and other multipurpose computer programming languages.

#5. Resume Sample of Front End Developer with Redux

frontend developer with redux cv sample

Source: qwikresume.com

A good example of a resume of a front-end developer with command over React and Redux platforms. The sample is a good piece showing reasonable work experience with a couple of good companies and in diverse projects.

#6. Front End Coder with Redux CV Sample

frontend developer with redux cv sample

Source: dev.to

This is one of the attractive UI developer + ReactJS and Redux CV formats. This sample shows more than 3 years of experience as a front-end developer working experience with React/Redux technologies and allied tools.

#7. React JS Developer with Redux Resume Example

react js developer wirh redux skills resume sample

Source: slideshare.net

This is a sample of a software developer resume with skills in front-end technologies like JavaScript, React JS and Redux JS libraries. The developer has experience of two years with different companies.

#8. Senior React Developer with Redux CV Sample

senior react developer with redux resume sample

Source: livecareer.com

The above sample resume shows the skills, qualifications, and work experience of a senior-level React JS developer with expertise in Redux and Redux-Saga platforms. The developer has also experience of over 5 years with different companies.

#9. Front End Coder with Redux Resume Sample

front end coder redux resume sample

Source: beamjobs.com

A good sample of resume with experience of about two years in React and Redux-based development. The latest skills such as D3 JS, Redux JS, and others are also highlighted in this sample resume.

#10. CV Sample of a UI Developer with React Redux

resume example of ui developer with react redux

Source: resumekraft.com

This sample resume of a web developer with strong skills in React JS and Redux JS libraries. All major projects completed by the developer are expressed very clearly in this CV.

#11. Resume Sample of a UI Developer with React and Redux

ui developer with react redux cv sample

Source: mintresume.com

This resume sample showcases a highly experienced user interface developer with vast experience with multiple companies while working on complex projects of wide diversity. The developer has command over a wide range of skills including React JS, Redux JS, and other front-end technologies.

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