10+ Samples of UI Developer Resume with React JS

The demand for user interface (UI) developers is consistently high due to the increasing demand for innovative contemporary web designs with state-of-the-art responsive features in the increasing number of websites and web applications. According to the StackOverflow information, UI front-end developers’ job is one of the satisfied job profiles, and React JS is the second most popular front-end web development framework preceded by the .Net framework.

Let’s explore the industries and projects where the demand for a React JS UI developer resume is very high and also mention the major components of UI on ReactJS resumes that make it a great one. And also have a look at 10 resume front end React UI samples in this article. You also may check great React and .NET developer resume samples.

What Industries Do Hire ReactJS UI Developer Professionals?

According to the SimilarTech information, more than 1,077,677 websites use React JS for their user interface (UI) development and this number is growing significantly. Almost all types of industries and businesses search for a junior as well as a senior UI developer React JS and Angular JS to use the powerful features and capabilities of ReactJS for front-end development; a few of them are listed below:

  • Social media
  • Entertainment industry
  • Multimedia
  • News and information industry
  • Basic cloud-based services
  • Education and training

The major projects and services that are using ReactJS UI and are looking for a senior or a junior UI developer React CV include:

  • Facebook
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • New York Times
  • Khan Academy
  • GitHub Repository
  • And many more

What Are ReactJS UI Developer Roles and Responsibilities?

What skills to look for in candidate to recruit for React JS role to perform the expected responsibilities perfectly? Updated skills related to React JS and its allied tools with sufficient experience is very important to perform the responsibilities of a ReactJS developer, as mentioned below.

  • Design and develop user interfaces in line with modern design trends
  • Understanding and assessing the needs of clients for web interface features
  • Developing responsive, interactive, and secure user interfaces
  • Replacing the old features with the new ones powered by ReactJS on web apps
  • Coding, debugging, testing, commissioning, and performance monitoring of the web apps
  • Developing reusable components and functional libraries for future use
  • Enhancing and updating the features of ReactJS-powered web environment

UI Developer Resume with React JS Sample

ui developer resume with react js

10 UI Developer with ReactJS Resume Format Samples

#1. React JS UI Developer Resume Example

react js ui developer resume

Source: upgrad.com

This is a simple sample for a UI developer with React JS skills. The sample shows work experience with a couple of companies too.

#2. React JS UI Developer CV Sample

resume example of ui developer with react redux

Source: resumekraft.com

It is a good sample of the resume of a developer with 2 to 3 years of experience and knowledge of React JS library. The candidate has also achieved a few certifications.

#3. Front End Developer with Experience in UI and React JS CV Sample

junior ui developer react cv

Source: dev.to

This is a sample of a front-end developer resume. The candidate has sufficient skills in React JS and related technologies for creating professional-level user interfaces for web applications.

#4. React Coder Resume Sample

react coder resume example

Source: fullstackresume.com

This sample of CV shows a front-end web developer with React JS skills. The candidate has over 5 years of experience in different roles related to frontend development.

#5. Front End Developer CV Sample

front end developer resume sample

Source: resume.com

A great sample of an experienced front-end user interface developer with strong skills in React JS library and allied tools. The experience of the candidate in this sample resume is over 10 years.

#6. JavaScript Developer Resume Sample

javascript developer resume sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

This is a sample of a resume with over 5 years of experience in working with different front-end web interface development projects. The candidate has strong ReactJS UI skills.

#7. Senior Front End UI Developer Resume Example

front end ui developer resume sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

This is a great sample of a resume with over 4 years of experience in different roles of front-end development. The candidate has strong knowledge and expertise in different levels of user interface UI development.

#8. Senior Front End UI Developer Resume Example

front end ui programmer resume sample

Source: qwikresume.com

This resume sample shows the skills, experience, and education of a senior-level front end user interface UI developer with powerful skills in React JS UI.

#9. Front End Engineer CV Sample

front end engineer resume sample

Source: reddit.com

A good sample of the resume of a senior front-end UI developer with skills in ReactJS as well as AngularJS platforms.

#10. Front End Coder with React JS CV Example

front end developer with react js ui resume sample

Source: wozber.com

This is a good sample of a front-end UI developer with over 2 years of experience in developing different UI interfaces with React JS library.

Comparison of React JS UI Developer Salaries in Different Countries

The salaries of React JS developers vary significantly in different countries due to numerous factors based on numerous indicators of the life and economy of that particular country. The types of resumes such as ReactJS mobile UI resume, React, and .NET developer resume, and other types also play a major role in determining the salaries of a UI React JS developer. The comparison of React JS UI developers in different countries is given in the following table.

Name of CountryAverage Salary UI Developer with React JS Skills
Ukraine$30,00-$42,000 (based on our research over a few local jobs portals)

In the above table, the salary of ReactJS UI developers in the USA is the highest followed by Switzerland, Canada, France, and Denmark. The salaries in Australia and Germany are comparatively lower than in the other major countries.

If you are looking for highly professional React UI resume samples, get in touch to request more React UI coder CVs to find the best match for your needs now!