10+ Senior React Developer Resume Samples

Web developers are the fifth most demanded technical jobs in 2020, according to the latest research studies. The popularity of a senior JavaScript (as well as Java developers) software engineer resume with React JS skills has increased significantly in recent years. Moreover, the online search for a React engineer coder resume sample has also increased heavily.

Let’s explore major skills, roles, responsibilities, salaries, and numerous qualities of senior React.js resume examples to have a deeper perspective on this popular role in the field of web development.

What Is a Senior React JS Developer?

A senior React JS developer is the role that deals with the front-end web development powered by the React JS platform and its allied tools and technologies. React JS platform is a library based on JavaScript technology, which is the most dominant technology in web development. A professional React JS Java resume with suitable technical skills, experience, and education describes a senior React.js more effectively as mentioned below.

React Dev Technical Skills

Technical skills are the fundamental attributes to hire ReactJS developer for a senior position. A few major technical skills in senior React programmer CV examples should include:

  • React JS, TypeScript, JavaScript programming
  • HTML5, CSS3, JSON, Ajax, JSX
  • Backbone, jQuery, Node JS
  • Webpack, Apollo, Redux, Grunt
  • UI, UX, Restful API, Git  

React JS Developer Roles and Responsibilities

A senior React JS is responsible for designing, developing, testing, and deploying web applications or websites. In this role, he/she may accomplish the following activities.

  • Listening and understanding the customer requirements
  • Analyzing customer needs and designing a technical solution
  • Developing a layout of the application and UI/UX designing
  • Coding, testing, and implementing commits, builds, and updates in React JS environment
  • Developing and maintaining Git repository and establishing a great collaboration among the cross-functional development team
  • Dividing the task into small parts and engaging with the entire development team

React.js Coder Qualifications

The solid educational qualifications play a vital role in landing an attractive position in a senior JavaScript developer (React.js) CV outline. A good senior React JS developer should have the following qualifications.

  • Masters degree in computer science
  • Certification in React JS platform
  • More than 4 years of hands-on experience in web development
  • Web application designing training is also a desirable qualification

Senior React Developer CV Sample

senior react developer cv sample

10 Senior React Developer Resume Examples & Formats

Most of the senior JavaScript developer interview questions are asked in line with the qualifications, skills, and experience of the applicant. So, the CVs should include all the relevant experience and skills for a better impression and fruitful output.

#1. Senior React Developer Resume Example

professional react dev cv example

Source: mobilunity.com

This is a great example of JavaScript React team lead CV format, which covers all related aspects like qualifications, experience, skills, and academic education. 

#2. Senior Front End Developer Resume Sample (with React Skills)

front end developer react js resume example

Source: velvetjobs.com

This CV is a good sample of React JS coder with complete information. It describes the experience and skills separated into multiple sections for better visibility.

#3. Senior Front End React Developer Resume Example

front end react developer cv sample

Source: itguyresumes.com

On this sample of resume, you can see extensive work experience of a great programmer with a sizable number of technical skills.

#4. CV of a Senior Web Developer with Experience in React/Flux 

senior web developer resume with experience in react

Source: velvetjobs.com

In this format of the resume, the main focus is concentrated on the qualifications. The qualification section consists of both the skills and pieces of training. The work experience is also described in full detail.

#5. Resume Sample of  a Front End UI Developer with React JS Skills

front end ui developer resume sample

Source: qwikresume.com

The summary and highlights are the major points of this CV. The highlights include experience and skills with exceptional achievements. This is another good format of CV with a simple outlook.

#6. CV Example of JavaScript Advocate for JS Frameworks

resume sample of javascript advocate for react js

Source: cakeresume.com

In this format of a resume, the experience of the candidate is emphasized while the skills have been merged with the past projects in the section of the summary. The outlook design is simple and clean.

#7. Frontend Programmer with React.js Skills Resume Sample

front end coder resume example

Source: resumeviking.com

This CV example shows the effective use of portfolios, experience, and skills in the top sections. The details of the experience have been described explicitly.

#8. Senior React Programmer CV Sample

senior react programmer cv example

Source: livecareer.com

The description of skills is very impressive with full details in this format of CV. The work history has been divided into multiple roles for a clear overview of the past work experience.

#9. Senior Front End Coder Resume Example

senior front end coder resume example

Source: resume.com

The technical skills of the candidate are described separately in terms of the domains of software development. The work experience is also described separately and clearly.

#10. CV Sample of a Senior Web Developer with React Skills

senior web developer with react skills cv format

Source: reddit.com

This is one of the precise forms of CVs for an experienced developer. The main concentration is focused on skills and experience. The professional summary provides an overview of the candidate.

Average Salary of a Senior React Developer in Different Countries

The salary of a senior React JS developer (as well as Java developers or any other software engineer) varies in different countries due to numerous factors such as demand, type of economy, living cost, availability of React JS developers in the marketplace. To have a comparative look at the varied salaries of senior React developers in different countries are mentioned below:

  • USA – $110,088
  • Canada – $82,131
  • France – $71,498
  • Germany – $78,320
  • Denmark – $97,980
  • Ukraine – from $48,000 up to $60,000 (based on our research over a few local job portals)

USA and Denmark are the top two countries where the average salary for a senior React JS developer is very high. The salary in France is lower than in Germany and Canada, which are two other countries with higher salaries for senior React JS developers.

If you are looking for samples of ReactJS developers’ resumes, request for more CVs of Senior React JS developers to find the most suitable one for your project now!