Top 50 React JS Interview Questions

The interview is one of the most important phases of the hiring process to assess the React JavaScript developer skills and attitude. A good interview is characterized by a good set of React technical interview questions along with a few personal assessment questions.

Let’s talk about the top 50 React JS coding interview questions and have a look at different aspects of a successful interview to hire the right React developer remote professional. 

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Overview of a ReactJS Developer Interview

Formulating a good interview for hiring a good ReactJS developer consists of many components to consider. The process of an interview, signs of a good interview, and the types of questions to be asked are a few most important aspects of an effective interview. Let’s explore these factors in detail.

React Interview Process

The React interview process starts once the resume screening and personal screening processes are completed successfully. The interview process starts with an appointment date of interview. The interview process may consist of one or more than one session as per the company HR policy.

Signs of Successful Interview to Hire React Coder

The signs of a successful interview to find React JS developers include numerous factors, a few of those signs are given below:

  • The confidence shown by the candidate
  • Positive facial impression and body language of the interviewers
  • Positive and enthusiastic comments given by the interviewers
  • Participative/interactive approach shown by the candidate even the answer was not satisfactory
  • If interviewers start talking about perks and the company environment
  • The duration of the interview increases than the expected time
  • Interviewers talk about how will you fulfill your React JS responsibilities in the company

What Interview Questions on React JS Should Be Asked?

In a professional interview to hire a React JS developer should be asked different types of questions that can help explore the skills, qualities, capabilities of the candidate. A good candidate with an attractive React JS CV should be asked questions in the following categories.

  • Technical category – This should include questions related to JavaScript, React JS, Redux, and web development
  • Professional category – In this section, the interviewer should ask questions regarding previous experience, achievement, disputes, attitude, innovative ideas, and other soft skills.
  • Personal category – This category should include questions related to interest, salary, perks, overloads, sincerity, thought pattern, expectations, and others.

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Top 50 React Redux Interview Questions

To make an interview session more effective and productive, include the following questions in it.

  1. What do you know about React?
  2. What features of ReactJS are putting it in high demand?
  3. How many components in ReactJS have you worked with?
  4. What is the difference between props and components in ReactJS?
  5. What do you know about the “State” in ReactJS?
  6. What is the major use of Redux on ReactJS apps?
  7. What do you know about “state management” in ReactJS?
  8. Why is it not recommended to update the state directly?
  9. How can you differentiate the event handling in ReactJS and HTML?
  10. What do you know about JSX?
  11. How does JSX help in preventing Injection attacks?
  12. Why are class components preferred over function components?
  13. What is a key prop?
  14. What are the benefits of using key props and when to use them?
  15. What do you understand by virtual DOM?
  16. How will you differentiate between DOM and virtual DOM?
  17. What is the working process of DOM in ReactJS?
  18. What do you know about higher-order components (HOC)?
  19. How many common types of HOC implementation are there in ReactJS?
  20. What is the process of creating HOC through render props?
  21. How can you add Bootstrap to ReactJS apps?
  22. Why is the boiler-plate ReactJS stack so popular?
  23. What is a Ref?
  24. Why avoid the use of inline ref callback in most cases?
  25. How can a “ref” be created?
  26. For what purpose the React-DOM package is used?
  27. What do you know about ReactDOMServer?
  28. Can you use Redux with any other JavaScript library?
  29. What do you know about the React DevTools?
  30. What is Flux used for?
  31. Can you name the core principles of Redux JS?
  32. How will you differentiate between Redux and Flux?
  33. What React function is commonly used to access the Redux store?
  34. What is a container in the React JS library?
  35. What is the difference between React container and component?
  36. What do you know about the Redux-Saga?
  37. How can you differentiate between Redux-Saga and Redux-thunk?
  38. What is a styled-component?
  39. What do you know about the use of the Relay framework in React JS?
  40. What is the main purpose of render hijacking through HOC in ReactJS?
  41. What is the React.memo function in React JS?
  42. How to use the setState function for preventing unnecessary updates?
  43. What is the importance of hooks in ReactJS development?
  44. How many rules are there for using the hooks?
  45. How do you elaborate on the benefits of React Router V4?
  46. What is the purpose of using error boundaries in ReactJS?
  47. What do you know about the constructor in the React JS library?
  48. What the NextJS framework is used for in ReactJS development?
  49. What is the purpose of dynamic import in the React JS?
  50. What is a suspense component?

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