10+ Angular and React JS Resume Samples

React and Angular: The Real Score

ReactJS and Angular, both Javascript-based frameworks, are among the top 3 top web frameworks used by developers. ReactJS is a popular open-source web framework for developing dynamic and responsive user interfaces. ReactJS is a Javascript-based framework that is more manageable to learn with its simple and straightforward syntax and structure.

Angular, on the other hand, is a comprehensive and full (MVC) Model-View-Controller web framework used to build dynamic web components. The web framework uses both Javascript and HTML to power its tools and libraries. Its full MVC architecture also requires a higher learning curve for developers.





Will require combining different components and external libraries to provide a complete web development environment.

Provides an expansive library of options and features that makes starting a web development more efficient.


  • One-way approach
  • Manages user-defined frontend singular behavior
  • Two-way approach
  • Connects event-driven user input directly to backend model data


  • Open-source framework
  • Will require the use of Flux or Redux to oversee data processing in the backend.
  • Fully-features MVC framework
  • Has a comprehensive library of tools and features to support full-stack development


  • Creates own Virtual DOM
  • Ease of website navigation
  • Faster and more fluid user experience
  • Reduced loading times
  • Improved and streamlined data and information communication
  • Capable of handling more complex and dynamic behavior


ReactJS projects and tools are highly testable and scalable.

With the use of its CLI and intuitive design tools, Angular projects are easily scalable.

Do Dedicated Developers Need to Learn Both?

As a developer, do you have to learn both? Or can you just stick with only one?

It will depend on your project and professional needs. If your project does not lend enough time to learning a new framework as comprehensive as AngularJS, maybe sticking with ReactJS will be most beneficial. Learning new programming languages and web development frameworks are definitely an advantage and build your developer skills and experience. Weigh the requirements of the project against the features and functionalities of the web framework you use. Go with the best possible compromise.

Also, you can always learn both when you have the opportunity. If you review various AngularJS with ReactJS resume examples, there will be several crossover skills in Angular and ReactJS. Having both expands your web development skills and potential job compatibility and may affect React Angular developer salary and programmer rates. 

Angular and React JS Resume Example

To find React.js contract remote, it is best to have a clear understanding of the expertise that you will need for your project. An AngularJS and React JS resume is not too different from a React js and node.js developer resume. Both focus on frontend and/or full-stack web development skills and experience.

angular and react js resume

To better understand what you need to learn or have skills in, it will help to review angular react resume example and CV samples. There are many ways Angular and ReactJS can fit into your developer resume. Web Developers tend to have various web development programming languages and tools in their toolbox, like having React JS in Angular 2 resume format.

10 Angular and React JS Resume Samples

Below are sample resumes for angular/react developer and programmer that you can review or reference when looking to hire angular/react developer expertise for your web development project.

#1. Senior Developer – Angular React Resume Example

angular react resume example

Source: qwikresume.com

Above is a sample of an Angular React resume for a senior frontend application developer.

#2. AngularJS with React JS CV Outline

angularjs with react js cv outline

Source: qwikresume.com

An example of frontend developer AngularJS with React JS CV outline. Also includes the use of Grunt, NPM, and Bower as task management tools.

#3. AngularJS Developer Resume Sample

angularjs developer resume example

Source: velvetjobs.com

Above is a simple AngularJS Developer resume that can be used as a foundation for AngularJS with ReactJS CV outline.

#4. Sample IT Specialist Frontend Developer Resume

sample it specialist frontend developer resume

Source: mintresume.com

IT specialist jobs can also cover frontend development and will require frontend development skills and experience.

#5. Frontend Web Developer Resume Example

frontend web developer resume example

Source: myresumeseed.com

A frontend web developer resume will require extensive web development – frontend, backend, or full stack – experience and skills.

#6. React Developer Resume Sample

great react developer cv example

Source: fullstackresume.com

A full-stack developer requires experience with sufficient frontend (ReactJS and AngularJS) and backend development tools and skills.

#7. React JS in Angular 2 Resume Format – Senior Fullstack/AngularJS Developer

senior fullstackangularjs developer cv sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

Lengthy experience in web application development tools, especially tools like AngularJS and ReactJS, is necessary for Full stack development jobs.

#8. Software Engineer Resume Example

software engineer resume example

Source: enhancv.com

Software Engineer jobs can also cover full-stack, frontend, or backend development skills and experience.

#9. Frontend AngularJS Developer CV Example

frontend angularjs developer cv example

Source: livecareer.com

Extensive skills and understanding of the various versions and structures of Angular expands your AngularJS Developer resume.

#10. Frontend AngularJS Developer Resume Example

frontend angularjs developer resume example

Source: velvetjobs.com

Frontend Angular JS developer resume example also covers other necessary frontend development tools.

If you are looking to hire Angular/React developer expertise, you can review several AngularJS with ReactJS resume examples to better identify your developer needs!