React Developers for Hire: How to Choose the Best Candidate?

Being in great demand, it is very difficult to find the right React JS developer to play important JavaScript developer roles and responsibilities in a web development team. Due to the shortage of qualified React developers, the available candidates are so demanding. In such circumstances, choosing the right candidate is a tricky matter.

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Let’s have a deeper perspective on the difficulties many companies face, and the major telltale qualities of a ReactJS test candidate and a step-by-step procedure to hire the right React developer.

Major Difficulties in Hiring the Right ReactJS Developers

In a high paced market of web technologies, it is a very tedious job for the companies to find and hire ReactJS developer professionals suitable for filling the vacant positions. In every HR management phase for ReactJS developer, new challenges arise for the businesses. Let’s figure them out precisely:

difficulties to find react developer

  • Difficulties to find the desired skill – ReactJS is a comparatively new technology and demand is very high that poses new difficulties to find the right candidate with the right skill set.
  • Verifying the skills on resumes – In the given conditions, verifying the skills on a long and comprehensive React JS sample resume is a challenging task indeed.
  • Scarcity of active job seeker – The ratio of active job seeker developers with React JS certification is very low as compared to passive candidates, which are so demanding and companies are unable to live up to their expectations.
  • Relevant experience – The requirements of different projects are very unique so it is a big problem for companies to find a candidate with the exact relevant experience.
  • Hefty salaries – In a fiercely competitive environment, salaries have become a big problem for companies, especially for SMBs and startups.
  • Tech-talent retention – Retaining a hired ReactJS developer is also a big challenge for the companies.

Step-by-Step Procedure of Hiring a Certified React Programmer

What skills should a good candidate have? What question can be asked for recruiting person for React JS role? And many other similar types of questions are very commonplace stuff in the HR recruiting for React JS developers. Let’s address such questions in a step-by-step hiring process for a great ReactJS developer.

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Step #1. Researching

Researching or resourcing is the most fundamental process to start with for finding the right React programmer qualifications and skills. The major resources for searching candidates can be any one of the following:

  • Social media websites
  • Freelance websites
  • Online job portals
  • Newspapers and bulletins
  • Google searches

Step #2. Screening

In this step, you should filter the CVs of the candidates with the most relevant skills, experience, and qualifications. This process should be done carefully so that no relevant CV is dropped out. This can be done manually as well as through an automated software program.

Step #3. Candidate Shortlisting

In this step, a few introductory and React JS interview questions should be asked to the candidate for fixing a further technical test and interview. This is just an overview of the candidate and his/her skills to prepare for a full-fledged technical assessment.

Step #4. Technical Screening

This step is one of the most crucial one in terms of technical skills verification. This step can be divided into multiple sections such as a technical interview and a test. A technical test is very useful in JavaScript candidate code assessment through a scenario-based or a case-based test. This step may involve two or more sessions.

Step #5. Personal Interview

After the completion of the technical assessment, it is time for a personal interview to discuss the soft skills, salaries, and other matters related to the job, company, and personal interests. Highlights of the previous experience such as achievements, disputes, or other matters are discussed in this step.

Step #5. Job Offer

In the light of the scores of the technical and personal screenings, a final job offer is sent to the candidate for his/her final acceptance.

Step #6. Contacting

Once the job offer has been accepted by the candidate. The final contract with additional rules and regulations of the company and other governmental authorities are included in the offer to get it signed by the candidate.

Step #7. Onboarding

Finally, the candidate has to join the company with a joining letter and the HR manager should take him/her for company orientation and introduce the entire team.

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What Skills to Look for in Candidate to Recruit for React JS Role?

Selecting the right candidate is a tricky matter and needs professional expertise. To make sure that you are hiring the right ReactJS candidate, check the following telltale signs.

Technical Skills:

  • Candidates have in-depth knowledge of basic web development languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS platforms like ReactJS, jQuery, Immutable, Redux, etc.
  • Expertise in all aspects of ReactJS library such as DOM, React elements, JSX, ES6, data binding, etc.
  • Extensive knowledge of different tools like Babel, webpack, npm, typescript, GitHub

Soft Skills:

  • Great understanding and listening skills
  • Creative and solution-oriented thinking
  • Great interpersonal and written communication skills
  • Commitment, sincerity, time management, team player


  • Substantial experience in working with ReactJS and other JavaScript environments
  • At least a university degree in computer science or software engineering
  • Specialization in ReactJS platform through certification
  • Prior experience in the relevant fields that match your job requirements  

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