10+ React and Node.js Developer Resume Samples

Web and App Development with NodeJS + React 

To understand why NodeJS with React is widely-used, we need to understand the foundational language of both – Javascript. Javascript is the most popular and widely used web programming language. It is best known for its versatility and cross-platform and device compatibility. Javascript is the backbone for high-performing and versatile web applications. And using NodeJS with React ensures that any developed application is automatically compatible with the Javascript environment.

NodeJS is among the most popular Javascript-based frameworks available. It is a cross-platform and open-source runtime environment and built-in to the JavascriptEngine of Google Chrome browsers. It supports an event-driven and asynchronous processing model for a lighter and more efficient user experience. NodeJs is also supported by an expansive javascript library that can be used to build numerous scalable network and server-side applications.

Why Use React and NodeJS for Web Development?

Javascript becomes the primary language of the entire web development tool stack with both React and NodeJS having a Javascript foundation for its foundation. And this then leads to several benefits:

  • Minimizes code duplication between browser and server-side
  • Simplify and streamline development processes
  • Seamless integration of frontend and backend processes
  • Reduced development turnaround time

The use of NodeJS with React for a full stack web development project enables the developers to build reusable UI elements and components for the project. React is a great Javascript-based framework for frontend web development. React, by itself, is already capable of developing a better-performing frontend for web apps. With NodeJS, web development with React will streamline and make processing data and information more efficient. Web development with React and NodeJS has the infrastructure to support large and scalable applications, as well as readability and usability cross-platforms.

NodeJS and React Skills

If you were looking for a react.js and node.js developer for hire, there are several skills and capabilities you can look for in a resume Node React JS candidates. More details can be referenced from numerous Node and React JS engineer CV examples.

  • Skills and experience in Javascript frontend and/or backend development and respective development tools
  • Web design and development using ReactJS frontend and NodeJS frameworks and libraries are required
  • Understanding and working knowledge of Restful APIs and React-Redux is an advantage.
  • Skills and experience in using relational database models and database management tools and languages (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Express, MongoDB)
  • Working understanding of UX/UI design and development
  • A certified React programmer is highly appreciated but is not entirely required.

React JS and Node.js Developer Resume Example

react js and node.js developer resume

10 React JS and Node.js Developer Resume Samples

#1. Junior ReactJS Developer Sample Resume

junior reactjs developer sample resume

Source: toptal.com

Above is a basic ReactJS/NodeJS Developer sample resume outline of responsibilities and skills. Despite being an overly entry-level outline, this junior ReactJS developer sample resume shows the breadth of skills and knowledge that React + Node developers need for their job.

#2. Senior Node.js Developer Resume Example

senior node.js developer resume

Source: velvetjobs.com

Above is a sample NodeJS developer resume, with ReactJS development skills for at least 1 year. Senior development positions require skills and experience in even more expansive development technologies and languages. 

#3. Full Stack Developer Node JS and React JS Resume Example

full stack developer node js and react js resume example

Source: qwikresume.com

A full stack developer Node JS and React JS resume example shows that developers need to have skills in both frontend ReactJS development and NodeJS backend development. Working knowledge of APIs and microservices design and implementation are also appreciated.

#4. ReactJS with Node JS Resume Format

reactjs with node js resume format example

Source: livecareer.com

A React JS and Node.js developer resume sample will show that react programmers also need skills and experience in using other development tools (RESTful API, React-Redux, Node, Express) to fully utilize the Node + React environment.

#5. NodeJS/ReactJS Developer CV Example

nodejs reactjs developer resume sample

Source: mintresume.com

#6. Senior Node.JS Developer Resume Example

senior node.js developer resume example

Source: mintresume.com

#7. Frontend Developer Resume Node React JS Example

frontend developer resume node react js example

Source: qwikresume.com

#8. Senior Front End Programmer CV Example

senior front end programmer cv example

Source: qwikresume.com

#9. Junior Full Stack Developer Node JS and React JS Resume Sample

junior full stack developer node js and react js resume sample

Source: qwikresume.com

#10. Sample of a Resume for Node React JS Coder

sample of a resume for node react js coder

Source: velvetjobs.com

Top Countries with React.js and Node.js Developer for Hire

There are nearly 30 million software developers worldwide and will continue to grow in the following years. To hire a React.js and Node.js developer for hire can be complicated beyond reviewing numerous Node and React JS engineer cv formats and submissions. IT also includes balancing recruitment cost, quality, and developer experience. Eastern European countries, especially Ukraine, offer a balance between manageable developer costs with highly experienced expert ReactJS and NodeJS developer team services.

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