10+ React and .NET Developer Resume Samples

React + ASP.NET: Why They Are Great Together

Frontend frameworks like ReactJS and Asp.NET enable such an enhanced web application experience. ReactJS is an open-source Javascript-based front-end framework that provides a comprehensive library of tools geared towards enhanced UI and user experience. Frontend frameworks like ReactJS have enabled SPAs to be as responsive, dynamic, and efficient web spaces for users.

Asp.NET has the infrastructure and development environment that can support the dynamic ReactJS components. .NET is an open-source platform equipped with comprehensive tools to develop cross-platform diverse tools for various devices. .NET is capable of supporting the development of major software development needs like Cloud, Mobile, Web, and services. It is also fast and compatible with other modern platforms, frameworks, and programming languages.

Interview Questions on React JS Recruitment

There are several interview questions that need to be considered in ReactJS recruitment. Having prepped questions will help better gauge the skills and experience of a potential recruit. Below are example interview questions on React JS that will help you recruit a highly-skilled ReactJS developer:

  • What is React?
  • What features and functions do React offer?
  • What are the pros and cons of using ReactJS?
  • How does Virtual DOM work?
  • Differentiate the stateful and stateless components.
  • What is an “event” in a React project?
  • Why use React with Redux?

React and .Net Developer Resume Sample

Below is .NET developer with React JS sample resume outline you can use as a reference when you look to hire a ReactJS and .NET developer for your project.

react and .net developer resume sample

React and .NET Developer Resume and CV Samples

#1. Sr. Software Engineer – React .NET Resume

senior software engineer with react and .net resume sample

Source: fullstackresume.com

A senior software engineer would have skills and experience for frontend, backend, and/or full-stack development, including React JS experience .NET resume content. 

#2. React and .NET Developer CV

react and .net developer cv sample

Source: fullstackresume.com

React and .NET developer resume would have skills and experience in both frontend and backend technologies, at least ReactJS and .NET respectively. 

#3. React JS Roles And Responsibilities Dot NET Resume

react js roles and responsibilities dot net resume

Source: toptal.com

There are certain roles that ReactJS and .NET developers need to be aware of, and should be included in any React JS .NET resume format. This will also make ReactJS and .NET developer recruitment easier.

#4. ASP.NET React JS CV Formats – Senior .NET Developer/Analyst

asp.net react js cv formats

Source: velvetjobs.com

A senior .NET developer is expected to have experience and skills for both ASP.NET and ReactJS.

#5. React JS in .NET CV – .NET Developer Resume

react js in .net cv example

Source: velvetjobs.com

.NET, ReactJS, and AngularJs have a wide array of applications, including Coldfusion for private and public sector jobs.

#6. ReactJS .NET Developer CV

reactjs .net developer cv

Source: qwikresume.com

Junior frontend developers can have experience and skills in backend technologies like ASP.NET.

#7. Senior Frontend/UI Developer Resume

sr. frontend ui developer resume example

Source: qwikresume.com

Senior frontend/UI developer resumes typically cover extensive skills and experience in frontend development, including some skills and experience in backend tools and processing.

#8. Associate Frontend UI Developer – Angular and React JS Resume

associate frontend ui developer cv sample

Source: qwikresume.com

An associate frontend developer would also cover Angular and ReactJS skills and experience.

#9. Junior Frontend/UI Developer – .NET, Angular and React JS Resume

junior frontend ui developer cv sample

Source: qwikresume.com

A junior frontend UI developer resume as well as Angular and React JS resume will not only have the capacity for frontend development but also knowledge and some capacity for backend development with tools like .NET and Angular.

#10. Senior ASP.NET Developer Resume

senior asp.net developer resume sample

Source: velvetjobs.com

A senior Asp.NET developer resume would have extensive .NET development skills and experience, but will also have expanded to using other web development tools, like React and Angular.

Top Countries to Hire Remote ReactJS Developers

With around 30 million software developers worldwide, a number that will surely continue to grow in the next few years, looking to hire remote reactJS developers can be daunting. To hire remote ReactJS developers, one can always start with researching and reviewing .net developer react js resume sample and CVs. Recruitment will also require a keen sense and skills for balancing selection criteria, recruitment cost, and developer skills and experience. 

Countries from Eastern Europe have found a niche for IT development services. Ukraine, for example, is a hub for high-quality global IT services providers with numerous clients and partners all over the world. Such a company is capable of offering manageable costs and the service of expert ReactJS and Asp.NET developer team services.

Know the developer skills to look out for when you hire for your React project! Contact us for more CVs of dedicated React JS coders.